beauty & the beast at casa loma

like many of you, i am so incredibly excited for the live action beauty and the beast to  come to theatres. belle is one of my all time favourite disney princesses (along with mulan, ariel and rapunzel) and emma watson portraying her is complete perfection in my eyes.

tomorrow is the release date and i can’t express how excited i am to have a little mommy/daughter date with calla to see her come to life on the big screen.

last month i learned that casa loma was hosting a beauty and the beast exhibit which featured costumes from the movie along with the rose. there wasn’t even a question in my mind, i hopped right on to the computer and bought (most of) my family tickets.

our oldest is on the autism spectrum and has a very tough time around crowds and noises, we gave him a choice to come with us to the exhibit or have a day out with his baba. he chose to go hang out with baba so it was just my husband, two youngest children and i that went.

i had never been to casa loma, or a castle for that matter, so i was looking forward to experiencing everything.

there was so many people.

so many.


we had fun going through the secret tunnels!


and looking at the gorgeous ornate furniture. the bedroom set below is something i would love to find for our own home (but look how little their beds were!)

hello from me and ollie in the mirror!



after roaming around the castle, we stumbled upon story time. there was a woman dressed in costume reading the tale of beauty and the beast to all of the children. we snuggled up on the carpet and listened to the story i’ve heard many times before.



then we went down to the line up to see all of the costumes from the movie!



calla and i got a picture in front of the rose.


and then she, very begrudgingly, took a photo in front of the poster display.


while we were waiting to see the ballroom dancing we looked around at a few more rooms at casa loma.


we then learned there was a tunnel leading to a room filled with a bunch of childrens activities. the kids were getting a bit restless so we were very happy to have something for them to look forward to!


we started with a craft. calla made her own belle coaster which is now on display in her bedroom. she was so proud of it.




afterwards we made our way over to the jumping castle and then face painting! calla wanted to be a kitty.


before going back over to the main area we stopped over at the gift shop to look around.


before we left we were able to see a beautiful performance. it was so cool.


then we packed up and started heading back to the car. when we were leaving their was still a huge line of people waiting to get inside. the wait was over two hours!

i would love to go back to casa loma for a date night just to explore the castle. i feel as if we hardly touched upon that part but i was so happy with the beauty and the beast exhibit.

i can’t wait to see the movie.

who is your favourite princess and what other live action movies would you like to see from disney?







  1. Leiha Mann | 17th Mar 17

    What a fun day for you and the family. I love Beauty and the Beast and can’t wait to see it in the theaters. I also loved the live action remake of Cinderella. Since my niece is obsessed with Frozen, I’d love to see that as a live action movie.

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