diy cloud prop tutorial

while going through a consult with one of my recent clients she asked if we could do something with clouds and a hot air balloon. being a little short of time in between the booking and the date of our shoot i thought it would be best to try a little do it myself crafting time. they were fairly easy and surprisingly quick to make, the fluff also made less of a mess than i expected it to.

the clouds are such a cute addition to my prop stash and i’m thinking of making about fifty billion more so i can do a full out stars and clouds set. i’m also debating putting some in my daughters room right above her bed to add a dreamy vibe.

now on to the tutorial.


you will need:

and that is it! i cut the cardboard from some extra shipping boxes i had laying around and i purchased the polyfill (extra thick quilt batting i purchased from walmart on a whim and had laying around)

for my set up i needed to make three clouds that i would be able to attach to the back of my backdrop so i left the back of the cardboard alone and focused on the front.

before i started with the card board i made sure to plug my glue gun in so that by the time i was finished with creating the cloud shapes i would be able to start right away with the fluffy part of my clouds.


i cut out three cloud shapes. i just eyed it but you can also draw a cloud outline before cutting the cardboard if you are more comfortable that way.


here are my three cardboard cloud cut outs! i wanted a slight variation in size and shape so i made each one a little bit different.


for the fun fluffy part i started from the outside, went all around and then filled in the center. with my glue gun i placed quite a bit of glue in a circular part and from there i grabbed a ball of filling and quickly placed it on top. i balled up the filling to create a “bumpy, fluffy” cloud effect. i continued doing this all the way around the edges and filled in the center last.


my first completed cloud. then i moved on to the next two.


the three finished pieces!

and here is a look at my cloud props in use.




the clouds were the perfect addition to this little guys “oh, the places you’ll go” cake smash theme and really tied the set together with the focus still being on little Arjun.

all i needed to keep the cloud in place on my backdrop was clear packing tape. i did try and use standard sized clear tape at first but even though the cardboard is fairly light it kept falling off. packing tape provided the perfect amount of support and the clouds didn’t move for his entire session.

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  1. Gina | 25th Feb 17

    I never would have thoughts of this, quite creative. This made a great backdrop for your photos and so simple.

  2. Lynn | 26th Feb 17

    That is adorable! What a great idea. Those are such cute pictures.

    Lynn N.
    Pinterest/Twitter: @emmaandrose
    Instagram: @emmaandroseblog

  3. jill conyers | 26th Feb 17

    That is such an adorable idea. Easy too and I’m all about easy DIY.

  4. Lianne | 27th Feb 17

    These would be great for so many things! They look absolutely fab and the finished photo shoot is adorable!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  5. Amanda | 1st Mar 17

    What a stinking cutie! And the clouds are so perfect. Great tutorial!

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