nerd block jr boys | february 2017 unboxing

yesterday we had our usual morning rush to get to school. everyone has their clothes on? teeth + hair brushed? lunches? snow pants? hats? do your mitts match? they don’t? alright, we’re running low on time so let’s just go with it. wait, am i even dressed?

then the doorbell rings.

waiting on our front porch is our february nerd block jr! thank goodness, now i have something to bribe the kids with to cooperate with getting into the van and car seats (thanks nerd block!)

i had one very excited little boy since this month we decided to get the boys jr block. we first subscribed to nerd block over the summer time when i had the idea to stock up on a bunch of nerd blocks for noahs 6th birthday in december. on his birthday he had four blocks to open and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. we all loved it so much that i’ve kept our subscription going to swap between the girl and boys jr block every other month, one month calla gets one and the next month it’s noahs turn.

after school yesterday he could hardly wait to open his nerd block, i was pretty excited too since pokemon was one of the themes included in februarys block and i have a soft spot for anything and everything pokemon.

in addition to pokemon, februarys nerd block jr boys box also features emoji, national geographic kids and the avengers.


he could hardly wait to open it up!


here we go!

(i will add, i didn’t do an excellent job of “concealing” the boxes content in a few of the images but it is what it is)


the first thing he pulled out was this hilarious poop emoji t-shirt! we had a good laugh about it and he was so excited to show daddy once he got home.


next, he pulled out these awesome emoji headphones! i love that we had a pair of headphones come in the block! noah is starting a bit of a headphone collection (he also got pokeball headphones as a christmas gift, plus his noise cancelling headphones) so i think we are going to have to do something in his room to display them.


he gets uber excited about superheros and he was stoked when he pulled out this spiderman chain and tin.


pikachu socks for the win! as i said before, we love everything pokemon and hey, we never have enough socks in our house. i wish we could find items like these in stores! i guess that is part of the blocks charm.


avengers pens.


a little something from transformers as well!


and finally, his national geographic magazine.

that was the february 2017 nerd block jr boys edition! for our next block we will be switching it over to girls so that calla can have her turn. i’m hoping for beauty & the beast with the new movie coming out in march (hint hint nerd block!) but we will see.

nerd block jr subscriptions are $19.99 on a month to month basis and they also have options for 3 month ($17.99), 6 month ($16.99), and 12 month ($15.99) options.

nerd block also has a new store at the oshawa centre and they have a lot of really cool items there, not just for kids, but also for adults. it’s one of our must stop stores whenever we visit.

what subscription boxes do you subscribe to?


  1. Mama Munchkin | 16th Feb 17

    I am seriously crushing on all these fun box subscriptions. It seems like there is a perfect box for everyone- kids and parents alike. I know my boys would LOVE the Nerd Block. Especially, my middle son. He is really into superheros and comic characters.

  2. Anmaria Djong I Onelazychic | 17th Feb 17

    I can see the happiness and excitement on his face when he got his box. I am thinking to subscribe one now for my child. It’s like surprise gift every month. And the price is quite reasonable.

  3. Jessi Joachim | 19th Feb 17

    This seems like a fun box! I love getting subscription boxes, and so does my daughter. I feel like she might like the boy box more than a girl one hahah

  4. Kathiey | 19th Feb 17

    My grandson would love this. Thanks for the post

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