day in the life | a sunday

once a month i thought it might be fun to do a “day in the life” sort of post. this was a very busy weekend for me, i was exhausted by the end of the day and pretty much just crashed as soon as the tv came on.

6ish am

i woke up early to noah repeatedly calling my name, i went to go check on him in bed and he says “oh, just wanted to see if you were up.” thanks, bud.

as i’m walking down the hall toward my bedroom, calla runs out of her room with her hands raised over her head like claws “mom! there was a giant spider! it was so giant in my dream!” she has been going through a phase over the last few weeks where she has been having nightmares but it’s cute to hear her little descriptions of them, complete with hand gestures. “mom, you had so much chocolate in your purse too!

ollie hears all the commotion and wakes up. he needs at least 20 minutes of mandatory mum snuggle time in the mornings so i brought him back to bed with me and we hugged.

7ish am

one of the first things i do in the morning is check my planner to go over timing for any activities or work i have to do.


rod got the kids breakfast and made coffee while i let the dog out. our yard isn’t fenced so we have a dog run line for him, he likes to do this thing where he wraps himself around the pole and can’t figure out how to untangle himself. husband went to his rescue.


coffee was made and all the adults were happy.


8ish am

noah being adorable.


mixed essential oils in my diffuser. at this point i was attempting a 10 day challenge that i decided not to complete. not all of the oils in the challenge were safe with the little ones present the majority of the time so i will try the adult friendly mixes in the evening sometime during the week as needed. i’m loving lemon, lavender and citrus fresh mixed together though! ugh, smells so good.


then i had some breakfast myself and decided to take a shower.

9 am

after my shower i started doing my makeup. i let my hair dry naturally, there is too much of it and takes foreeever to dry.



10:30 am

we head over to the model train show. ollie has taken up a huge interest in trains ever since our visit to kindred parents so we thought he would love the show. there were two rooms, we went to the larger room first and it was filled with model trains. the vendors were so kind showing the littles their collectables and how they worked. we let ollie pick out a little thomas train (he’s been carrying it around ever since) and then headed into the smaller room. the smaller room was complete with a giant thomas the train and a control station so the children could be a little more hands on. one very kind man gave noah a little car that he desperately wanted, he was so thankful.




12 pm

we headed home for lunch and put ollie down for a nap.


rod dropped noah off at robotics club and we had a bit of downtime. i checked my emails for anything urgent. i don’t usually check my email on the weekend unless i have a meeting with a client that day. then i did some cleaning and had some ollie snuggles when he woke up from his nap.


i picked noah up from robotics club. his age group coded their robots to play music and he wrote a song. i dropped him off at home and headed to work.


i had an in home lifestyle newborn session with a husband, wife, their 2.5 year old son and two week old son. they were such a lovely family and have such amazing, sweet children. i can’t wait to see them again!

6ish pm

i get home from work and we all have dinner together. after dinner i go into my office so i can edit some sneak peeks for all of the clients i had late last week and over the weekend.


7:30 pm

we start getting the littles into bed. ollie got a bath, we change them all into pyjamas and everyone picks out a story.

8:30 pm

it suddenly dawns on me that i forgot to pick up wine and that the stores close early on sundays. i had a very long, work-y and action packed weekend so i am absolutely exhausted at this point. we rummage through our cupboards and pull out a bottle of tequila we received as a gift like, 5 years ago, and decide to make strawberry margaritas!


they were unexpectedly amazing, neither of us has made a margarita before so i hope i can remember the recipe!

rod and i finally get to catch up and chat about the day and decide to turn on some netflix while we have drink #2. the moment the screen turns on i am ouuut. do screens do that to anyone else?



  1. Shannon | 10th Feb 17

    Loved this! I love when the little ones describe their dreams. They have purest imagination. I plan to write books on my son’s dreams. Right now, he just says “mama & daddy”.

  2. Kiara Kapoor | 10th Feb 17

    That is an amazing description! Enjoyed reading it.

  3. Atzimba Pahua | 11th Feb 17

    What a sweet, simple day! Lavender essential oil is one of my favorites as well!

    xo, Atzi

  4. Mamabops | 12th Feb 17

    Yup, I fall asleep as soon as I start watching TV at night! My husband gives me such a hard time because I can never finish a movie. Haha

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