valentines portraits | 2017

One of my favourite ways to seasonally decorate my home is by changing out the childrens photos with themed images. I just swapped out their Christmas photos with their Valentines images.


Usually the kids like to cause trouble and do their silly faces and cheesy fake smile (they all have a case of photographers child syndrome) but they completely melted my heart with how cuddly and lovable they were during their Valentines portraits!


All together the kids were so sweet and silly. Ollie is a big mamas boy and has a tough time when I’m behind the camera. I had the kids give him lots of kisses and he was super in to it. Well… that and I bribed him with snacks.


Noah is just an expert now. It’s nice that he’s older and can pose the way I ask him. He absolutely loves the technical part of photography and sat with me during my post processing. I taught him a bit about how to edit and how/why I was doing certain things to the image. He says he wants to be a photographer like mommy when he grows up!




Calla is at an in between stage where she can pose and take direction but she still wants to do her own thing. Luckily, I know exactly what makes her smile. I told her to imagine kittens were kissing her cheeks and she oozed out happiness and smiles!




I actually brought Ollie in on a different day to do his individual portraits, his session was completely unplanned. I squeezed him into a 9 – 12 month outfit, gave him some snacks and he was all smiles. Ugh, he makes me want to squish things.




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  1. Sarah Burton | 1st Feb 17

    Stooop! I just can’t get enough of these adorable little ones! How cute are these portraits!
    Nice work!

  2. Marce;a Pulido | 1st Feb 17

    So precious! Love these Valentine’s Day portraits. 🙂

  3. Mamabops | 8th Feb 17

    You’re very talented! And your kiddos are adorable!

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