a trip to the eye doctor for us all

It has been just about a year since I misplaced my glasses (sort of dropped the ball on that one) and I desperately needed them back in my life.  While I made my appointment with the optometrist I thought I may as well get an appointment for my older two as well.

They’re 6 and 4, it’s about that time right?

When I tell Noah we were going to the eye doctors he tells me “I’m going to get so many letters wrong at the eye doctors so he can give me glasses!”

Oh, Noah…

Off to the eye doctors we went!


They were so excited to be there and were bouncing off the walls (who had the great idea to bring three young children?) but luckily the waiting area had many toys for them to keep themselves entertained. They had adorable knitted bears and I wish I could have taken one home with me.


Once our appointment time came around it was time for the pre-exam. Noah and Calla didn’t have to do the part of the pre-exam where the air is puffed in their eyes, thankfully. When it was my turn the nurse had to do it about 7 – 8 times in each eye because I couldn’t stop blinking. My body just knew what was coming and I couldn’t help it! The little ones were way more cooperative than I was.


We went in with the Optometrist for our eye exam. My prescription stayed the same, I don’t see far well at all and have astigmatism. I’m still able to legally drive without glasses but if my prescription changes anymore I will need it marked on my license.

To keep Noah interested when it was his turn we labelled everything as a “challenge”. He had to pass all five “challenges” to win the exam. He really enjoyed it!


Since Calla is itty bitty, instead of looking at letters she looked at a series of images. She was calling the cake a “happy birthday cake!”. She has astigmatism like I do so she was very sensitive to the lights.


The doctor said that both of the kids will have to go back in about a month and gave me a dose for each of them of the dreaded drops. She needs to see deeper in to their eyes before, and if, they get a prescription.

So, we will go back at the beginning of March. I ended up purchasing two pairs of glasses and can’t wait to have my eye sight back!

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